The unique possibilities of the Smart Share ECM are based on a combination of an On-line/Off-line Client – Server architecture. Due to Smart Share Desktop ECM you can share any data and documents without depending on their format.

Cross platform solutions

Smart Share ECM is based on Java technology. It can be used on Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.

- Client

You can work on documents on journey or without connection with internet/intranet. SMART SHARE®ECM Client automatically detects your connectivity with the Server. The synchronization of data occur automatic immediately after a connection with a Server.


Smart Share DB is not subject to the fees of third parties. It is much more powerful than conventional solutions and has not a limited size.

Synchronization thanks mini packets

During a synchronization and workflow data is transmitted through mini packets, which contain only the changes in the documents. Due to a unique technology you save space on your disk and network traffic.