Document Management System

Key benefits:

Eliminate paper and electronical bureaucracy in your organisation.
Immediately you find needed document, information or change.
Administer, remind and approve your documents electronically.
You comfortably compare the personalised changes of various versions.
You have not only important documents under the control.


4 in 1

The unique qualities of desktop you can use as:
File manager for administration and sharing of extern files
Text editor for creation of standard document and patterns
Intranet browser for creation of company wikipedia
Common space for safe data sharing and know-how.

Experience smart cooperation

You easily pass the document to more users at once with the particular tasks for each of them. You have control over the fact who have read the document and what actual condition are the completed tasks in. You can determinate the time limitation of the access to the documents. By means of these and other possibilities you easily fill needs of your cooperation.

Find the needed document immediately

You can search each document within organisation immediately not only according to the document title but also according to the responsible person, ID document or metadata.

Take use of fulltext search

By means of quick and extended fulltext search you will immediately find the needed text within all documents that you have access to.

Compare document versions

You can compare any document versions also up to the level of changes in the text! Also a change of a single letter is noted. For quick orientation serve functions of quick changes switching. You save a lot of time when searching for differencies between various document versions.

Get used to an intelligent function

Thanks to the unique solution „context menu“, all user functions are visible and are within the grasp of two clicks away.

Easily create document patterns

Any documents (contracts, data forms, questionnaires…) you can file into the patterns that are available for required users.

Fulfill the ISO requirements and SMART rules

Fulfill ISO 9000, ISO 9001 requirements and be informed comfortably about the document changes within your organisation. Have them always up to date, whenever you look at personalised history of the changes.

Approve and remind without bureaucracy

Thanks to the unique functions you can remind and give assignment to your collegues directly in the context of content, files or reminders. Your collegues find out about the approval automatically.

Secure your documents

All your documents, know-how and data are protected automatically by coding. By the help of Smart Share® ECM you can cooperate on the documents independenlty of the form and within operation systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris).