Enterprise Content Management

Key benefits:

You save a lot of time when searching your documents, information and data.
You are informed optimally about actual changes and you get a good overview of them.
You interconnect communication, documents and data.
Increase efficiency and competitive strenght of your organisation.
Eliminate your expenses every day.


Lead the structure of your company to Smart Share

Thanks to the unique leading of the existing structure of your organisation to Smart Share ECM, you can implement the system in very short time, optimalize your processes anytime and maximally fasten the already existing flows of information.

Interconnect communication, documents and data

You can interconnect data or parts of the documents by means of Wiki functions that help you faster orientatate in the information. You can easily create the company wikipedia within your documents and data.

Protect your know-how

The documents and data in Smart Share ECM are in code and are not available through the computer file system. The users´ communication ist protected by SSL encryption as well as the internet banking.

Rest a little with the automatic monitoring of the history

Immediately you have at your disposal the complete overview of the development of each document or file. Smart Share takes care of the consistence of the versions and possibilities of sharing the versions with other users.

Take use of multiple access to the document

Thanks to the unique technology you can work out the document with more users at once. The collision avoidance system ensures a smart cooperation.

Be informed optimally

Thanks to the system of internal reports you are optimally informed about the document changes, added tasks and actual workflow.

Rely on a unique collision avoidance system

In case of more-users-access to the document, the Smart Share ECM provides that you do not lose the work you have done. If you change the same part as your colleague does, you are warned of this situation and you can take back your changes. In case of collision you choose the right version of the content or the file version. The work you have done will never be lost.

Enjoy the freedom with on-line and off-line access

You can work with the shared documents and data also without inernet access or by power loss. You have your data always at your disposal.

Easily administer your right to the access and reading

The accesses to the documents you can update cummulatively according to the competence and you can also easily appoint the responsible person, you find out the authors or you add the users that should be acquainted with the documents.

Accessibility of the system

Smart Share is custom-made interconnected with the systems of the third parties such as SAP, various ERP and other IS.