Introduction to SMART SHARE® ECM solution

SMART SHARE® ECM is an inovative information system that combines qualities of Enterprise Content Management with inteligent functions for effective sharing of information and close cooperation of users. It also serves for implementing and maintainance of quality management and support of paperless office concept. The variety of innovative functions eliminates tiring, routine and time-consuming activity when working with the documents, a lot of information and redundant office work.

® ECM enables managers to administer manpower and the users to concentrate on important and efficient tasks. It creates close cooperation of workteams and provides immediate exchange of knowledge within the organisation.


Who is it intended for?

SMART SHARE® ECM is intended for all organisations and offices without any exception of extension and branches that want to make information flow more effective, want to optimize organisation structure and increase the efficiency of the organisation.

Many regional and also multinational companies are realizing nowadays that the field of use of manpower and their knowledge has a crucial role for success of the company prosperity. The company managers need the work to be done properly and efficiently. They need to supervise the teamwork. The team members want to be informed optimally about the work of their team – mates that they are concerned with. Managers expect to get an instrument that connects the teams effectively and also sets the organisational structures of the company and the process operating optimally.