Key features

Features that users like

On-line collaboration on the same document

You can work inside of one document or project together with more users at the same time.


Out of any document (e.g. contract, form, working paper) you can easily create a template for other users.


Full text search

With the help of a quick and also an extended search you immediately find the requested text, like in Google.

Private space

Your documents, remarks or tasks can be locked to an absolutely private and secure space.


Comparing of document versions

You can compare all versions of your documents mutually down to the level of single text changes.


You can immediately create a chat or a blog and discuss with invited users.


For a better organisation of information, you can connect any document, project or its parts by a link or citation.

Automatic life cycle tracking

The whole life cycle of your documents or projects automatically tracked and anytime at your disposal.

Features that administrators like

Complete administration out of a single user interface

You can administrate processes, users and central document properties, requirements and projects from one interface.

Access from anywhere

The administrator can access to his interface for system maintenance from any user account.

Features that directors like


Your documents are encrypted on the disk and for data transfer and communication SSL encryption is used, the same like with internet banking.

Change Video Player

Anytime you can watch how the document, a task or requirement has developed, who made changes and when.          

Document and Project Management according to ISO standards

SMART SHARE®ECM features are based on the requirements of ISO 9000, ISO 9001:2000 and SMART rules.