Project Management

Key benefits:

You have under the control the development of all stages of your projects.
You have actual overview of your colleagues´ tasks
You eliminate the risk of the projects.
You create project documentation automatically and so you save a lot of time.
You administer the project according to the ISO standards and SMART rules.


Project Content Development according to ISO

You know demonstrably and at the level of change in the text when and who made the alterations to the legally important documents, tasks, customer requirements or to project documentation. The development of all project stages you have always under control. Whether you administer project directly in SS or you work in other applications (Word, Excel, MS Project…) the changes within the project team are synchronised.

Cooperate without limits

Cooperate with your colleagues in real time! You can work on the same project with more colleagues at once. You do not have to wait until your colleague´s work is done. You can also wotk off-line. The unique collision avoidance system ensures the smart cooperation.

Create automatic project documentation

Create standard project documentation effectively by using the patterns. Each document has automatic registrated versions and personalised content change, authors and responsible person. You will save a lot of time. The project documentation is always up-to-date and you keep it at your disposal in secure user-environment.

Share and administer external files

You can share with your colleagues any external files (…multimedia) and e.g. comment on particular versions. External files open automatically in associated applications and SS ECM secures the consistention of the versions.

Interconnect everything with Wiki functions

By means of Wiki function (hypertexts) you can easily interconnet parts of the document or the data with each other. You can refer to already existing document or quote from it. At the same time you create a fulltext searchable company wikipedia. You will better orientate yourself in the content and you will achieve the objectives immediately.

Administer project tasks effectively

Administer youru projects and shared tasks from one user interface. You will forward the task to another person easily, you will assign dates of the completion, priority etc. You can set the tasks directly in the context of the project content, document, file or reminders. By one click you can set more tasks at once. Your tasks are sequenced according to the priority together with immediate overview of the particular project place.

Apply easily the matrix operating system

If you administer more project with various personal involvement in your company at the same time, you are not lost and you are informed about the changes optimally. You can invite another colleague into your project or you can create a new project with the required personal involvement.

Clearly define the project requirements

Base your project operation on effective Requirement Engineering. Comments of your customers, suppliers, consultants or other subjects you keep at your disposal immediately within the established company proccess an so you can respond to them adequately. You will easily find various requirements within all your project as fast as you can find the information thanks to internet browser. You can find them e.g. according to the type, stage, responsible person etc. You can also take use of the fulltext search.

You will quickly orientate yourself in the changes

Thanks to the comfortable comparison of the marked changes in the tasks or documentation at the level of the text, you will quickly find out what is new and which changes were made. You will save a lot of time. Also shortly before the meeting you will find out actual states.

Look at the video of changes

Anytime you can play the development of any part of the project as on the video also with the personalised change record. And the combinataion with the fulltext search in the past and comparison with any versions to one another you will quickly implement audit of your projects.