Quality Management Software

Key benefits:

Automatize the processes of the quality management.
Eliminate your bureaucracy as much as possible.
Effectively and fully electronically, you administer, approve and remind your documents.
You distribute automatically the information and changes within the organisation.
You have unique control over all changes in the documentation content, tasks and requirements.
You increase the level and efficiency of your Quality Management continuously.


Introduce and keep ISO, TQM and other standards by means of Smart Share ECM

Smart Share ECM helps you by implementation of the quality management systems, by coordinated creation, maintainance and effective development of these systems. Introduce and define the competence and responsibility of your employees, keep the development of the company proccesses under your control and implement changes more effectively. Systematically and faster keep and make efficient the systems of quality management. Save a lot of time and money.

Smart Share ECM and EN ISO 9000 and EN ISO 9001 standards requirements.

It deals with:

Management of manpower
Process access
System acess to management
Focusing on the customer
Continual improving
Administration of the documents and the reports
Access to the decisions based on facts
Increasing of effective dividing, taking and exploitation of the sources
Restraining of the organisation expanses
Smart Share ECM is a complex system which qualities and functions are based on EN ISO 9000 and EN ISO 9001 standard requirements.