Quick tips for work with SMART SHARE® ECM

Found your own work group

» Create the virtual team! By the help of bottom menu – "Organisation" – "Group" – and assign the persons to the "Groups". Invite another user by e-mail!

Work together on one document on-line

» Write the document together in real time. The unique collision avoidance system ensures the smart cooperation. If another user makes changes in the same part of the document as you, the system warns you of the possible collision automatically, and asks you to contact that user. If the collision occurs, you have the possibility to choose the right solution.

Take maximum use of the unigue desktop qualities.

The desktop combines the text editor qualities with the file manager and internet browser.
» Create contents, tables, insert pictures, notices – write and publish!
» Insert any data by means of „Link abc“ – „File in local data system“ or by means of „File“
» Create Wiki – by the help of function „Link abc“ – „Headline or requirement in open document“ or „Quotation …“ you have unusual possibilities of the interconnection of your documents and projects.

Publish your changes

» If you are satisfied with your work, synchronise the new content or data with the other in the group by means of „Publish your changes“.

Compare any document versions

» Use the function „Document version“ and compare the contents of any versions of the particular document.

Watch „Video of changes“!

» Mark the text in the document or anything on the desktop with the mouse and use the function „Video of changes“. You will watch step by step the development of the content.

Use the document heading

» Click on the document heading and establish the classification and signs of the document or project, e.g. unfinished, officially approved, purely private.

Import the documents

» Separately – in the top menu choose „New document“ and „Import the document“
» Collectively - in the top menu choose „Other functions“ – „Import the documents“ – „Choose and add text file“ and decide whether they should be published immediately and assign the group ant other properties.

Use fulltext search in all documents and projects that you have an access to

» Use the search bar or function „Extended search“ and search the text in the previous document versions!

Publish the document only for reading

» If you want to publish the document only for reading for other groups, determine the group in the document heading.

Send the document for revision

» As soon as you are satisfied with the completed document, or you just want to delegate revision, use „Pass on the document to another user“.

Create document pattern also for other users from the group

» Work up the document corresponding with your vision and classify it as the pattern in the document heading. When creating the new document „New document“ choose „Use the pattern“.

Take use of an internal message system

» In the sheet „Messages“ you can send messages to your colleagues, filter or search.

Take advantage of „List of the tasks“

» Immediately you know what else you should do. When choosing the task, the document preview displays and you quickly see the context.

Give task to you or to your colleague

» Function „Task“ enables you to enter the date of completion.

Set the e-mail notification

» In the top menu "Organisation" - "Persons" - "Adjust" – enter your e-mail address. You will receive short messages about the document or project changes.

Print the documents in your corporate design.

» In SMART SHARE® Professional and RE versions you have the possibility to take advantage of unified design of the company documents and so you can professionalize the presentation of your company.

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