SMART SHARE® Professional

Smart Share Professional combines the qualities of ECM and Document Management with instruments for close user cooperation. In Smart Share Professional you can share any documents and files, connect various contents thanks to the wiki function and also create, import and export the standardized documents. You create shared documents, delegate tasks and also optimise organisation processes. Moreover, you have perfect overview of changes at the level of marked text changes.

In the following overview you can find 10 points that show you how the
Smart Share Professional can help your organisation reach better results faster and increase your competitiveness.

Ten main benefits of SMART SHARE® Professional


You will find immediately what you need.

Take use of personalised fulltext search and find required information immediately, within all documents that you have an access to. Thanks to the unique technology you can search also in previous versions.

Give tasks and have overview

You have always at your disposal yYour tasks and the tasks of your colleagues, moreover, in task context. Achievement of quick foreknowledge and close cooperation is easier and more comfortable.

Aminister your document wisely

Approve, reminder, pass the documents to required persons or set the time limitation to availibility of the documents for short time cooperation. These and other intelligent functions for quick contact with the colleagues provide a new level of cooperation.

Cooperate on documents in real time

The unique system of more–users-work on one document at the same time makes the cooperation of the work teams possible in real time. The unique collision avoidance system takes care of smart cooperation.

Share your documents, information and files

Share your files and synchronise the changes automatically. You and your colleagues work always with the up-to-date content. You can also take use of import and export of already existing documents and adjust them to standard format. Intelligent functions make the everyday work with the document easy for you and save a lot of time.

Communicate effectively

Take use of system of internal news for better communication about the documents. Immediately you know if some new documents, workflow or changes were done. By opening the internal news you have colour coded changs at your disposal immediately that were done by your colleagues in the text. You save your time when searching for the changes and you can react more quickly.

Rely on automatic monitoring of the history

The Smart Share Sytem automatically monitor the life process of the documents and contents in detail and provide immediate comparison of actual documents with any former document version. You can always compare the changes. You can also return to the older version. In Smart Share you will find everything you need and you can be sure that you will not do the same work again.

Work safe anytime - on-line or off-line

You can work anywhere and anytime you want. You can be calm on a journey or by power loss because you know that you have always an access to your information and you can work on your document, contracts or note down your ideas whenever they appear. By re-connection to the internet and automatic data synchronisation with more users you are protected by coding.

Connect the know-how of your colleagues

Set the structure of your organisation into Smart Share and provide the synchronisation of knowlege within the user groups or company processes. Create Brain Trust on-line from your organisation.

Take use of universal possibilities of the desktop

The desktop combines the qualities of the text editor, file manager and internet browser. Thanks to the intelligent interface and context menu that adapt to actual user need you work comfortably by achievement of each function only by 2 clicks away.

Smart Share Professional will help you set and keep the quality management requirements continuously according to the EN ISO 9000, EN ISO 9001 standards and SMART rules. You minimize the administrative stress, achieve cost saving and create brain trust within your organisation.

Users, employees or business partners can work in various locations and use shared documents and data. They can be in touch with current events in the company and customer requirements. You communicate effectively and cooperate closely whereever you are.