Smart Share RE provides instruments for users that need to share the data and information quickly and effectively and need to keep in touch with their team. Smart Share RE is based on strong points of the Smart Share Professional version, moreover, it contains Requirements Engineering (Requirements management) module that brings qualitatively higher level of work on projects and solution of also multi-level requirements of various kinds including monitoring and of their development, creation of the documentation and giving tasks in the teams.

In the following overview you can find 10 points that show you how the
Smart Share RE can help your organisation to reach better results faster and increase your competitiveness.

Ten main benefits of SMART SHARE® RE


You have project documentation on one place and immediate at your disposal

In one user interface you can share and connent various data and information such as drawings, pictures, various data and information, audio or video records, documentation, tasks, notes and requirements. You can provide data with meta information so that you can find them quickly within the whole company anytime thanks to the inteligent filters and fulltext search.

Work on-line and off-line – stabile productivity under any circumstances

You have your freedom on journeys, by consultations with the customers, partners and also project teams. You can work also without internet access or by power loss. The work done off-line synchronises after connection to the internet with all users that have licence to accept the data. You keep the actual results of your colleagues easily at your disposal.

Enjoy the team cooperation on the projects thanks to the data synchronisation

After the publication of your changes and data synchronisation, then whole work team will learn about the news in the project in a while and your colleagues have immediately all necessary documents at their disposal, reminders and information for further work, including the overview of the made changes. At the same time you save a lot of time.

Have the development of your projects always under the control

Thanks to the unique functions that note down any change of project, requirement or document you can always watch “video of changes“ that show you how, when and by whom the project was worked out and changed.

Found and manage your on-line team

In one user interface you have the possibility to create new project and assign the needed people, give them tasks immediately, date of completion, easily to coordinate and monitor thein work on projects. With your team members you share knowledge, you cooperate on the finishing of the tasks and you guickly adapt to the actual needs of the project.

Secure your shared information

Any information you put into the system and that you share with your colleagues is protected by coding in common and wireless network. Your intellectual property is protected.

Aminister your project systematically

Create easily shared and standardized patterns for management of your projects (Business Case Forms, Risk forms, contract patterns, reports…)! You will save a lot of time.

Take use of matrix system of management

In to the Smart Share you can implement your existing organisational structure and moreover you can use various other forms of cooperation according to the project requirements.

Define project requirements properly

In the stage of defining of the requirements you have wide possibilities and multi-level requirement ordering at your disposal. Each requirement can also contain tasks, standardized documentation, notes and various links for your faster orientation (wiki).

Experience the improvement and return of investment

Thanks to the better use of potential of employees and increase of their productivity, minimalization of the time needed for common company work, shortening the time of implementation of the project results into the reality or placing the product on the market, helping by the introduction and keeping of Quality Management and support of the systematic project management, has the investment in Smart Share RE long-time positive impact on effective functioning of your organisation.

Information system Smart Share RE, belonging to the category of ECM and EPM, provides amount of benefits including restriction of common and side costs (by implementation of paperless office) and better work organisation.

Smart Share RE helps you by creation and management of projects of various requirements on-line. It provides the systematic and transparent team coordination. It makes the everyday work with the project data easier and enables you immediate knowledge synchronisation. You comfortably create the connection of know-how of your co-workers.