Smart Share Service

Cloud vs. classic

Make your choice! The server with your data you can place on your servers or by us. No matter how you decide, the transmission of your data will be coded.

Implementation of the Smart Share ECM

The successful implementation is an important phase that leads to the effective functioning and everyday use of implemented ECM system. Thanks to the help by process implementation of an organisation in the Smart Share ECM, definition of standardized information flows and data, the Smart Share ECM system is faster, brings the required result and shortens the time of investment return.

User training

For effective impact of Smart Share ECM implementation in your organisation, we offer administrator and system user training.

Attachment to the external application

Custom-made, Smart Share ECM is attached to the applications of the third parties such as SAP, various ERP and other information systems. We are ready to discuss the issue of your company processes and needed attachment absolutely for free.

Share Smart Maintenance

Within Smart Share Maintenance you gain:
all actual published subversions for free
discounts on user training
discount on implementing work