Why does not the download of the client part of SMART SHARE® Web work or why does not the communication between the server and the client part function?

» Your company Proxy Server/Firewall/Router probably does not have the permitted communication via TCP80 and/or TCP1430. If you cannot change the settings, turn to your computer network administrator.
» It is also possible that your internet browser does not have the permitted Java scripts or it is necessary to adjust the Java settings in your Windows or another OS.

What kind of supporting software is useful for the functioning of SMART SHARE® system?

» Java 6.0 Runtime. Download: http://www.slunecnice.cz/sw/java/jre/ nebo http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/6u6/index.html

Which operating systems can SMART SHARE® be operated on?

» Microsoft, MacOS, Linux, Solaris.

How much space do the documents need on the disc?

» Approximately 50% of the space in comparison with the common text editor (Word).

What kind of coding is used?

» SSL coding is used for the communication between the client and the server, and Java coding is used for saving the data on the disc.

How can I set the e-mail notification in SMART SHARE® in order to receive the warning of the document changes?

» Add your e-mail to the system contact data..

How does the communication between the client and the server load the network?

» Minimally, and it is thanks to the unique technology. Only the document changes are sent during the synchronisation of the clients´ data with the server, and not the whole documents as it is common by similar systems.

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