You administer and share the documents, projects, tasks, information and know-how wisely.

You have an ideal overview of the made changes.

You eliminate paper and electronical bureaucracy.

You do not need long training for the users.

All functions in the application are visible at first sight and thanks to the unique solution “Context menu“ they are available by two clicks away.

Implemenation of the system with the setting of the rights according to processes of your organisation is easy and ranges from hours to days.

The administrator can be adapt easily and it can update the organisation processes anytime from each user interface.

Within the whole organisation you can take use of document standards or forms.

You can work on your documents anytime and also without internet access.

You can remain in work on your favourite programmes and you can synchronize the results of your work with your colleagues at the file level. Moreover, Smart Share ECM is integrated with Microsoft Office and Open Office.

You will save a lot of time and money each day.

Smart Share ECM is a multiplatform solution. You can share data among various operation systems (Windows, Linux, Mac).

You can work on one document with more users at the same time. Thanks to the unique collision avoidance system your work will never be lost or deleted.

You can put pictures, multimedia files or data into the Smart Share ECM easily without restriction of thein size and you can administer their metadata.

The system database is not restricted by the size of the saved data. Smart Share ECM is safe. It uses SSL coding in the communication between the users (as well as it is by internet banking). Your documents on the disc are coded as well.

Custom - made, it is possible to connect Smart Share ECM with the applications of the third parties (SAP, ERP, other information systems) according to your needs.

Discover the new and cleverer way of cooperation! You will get used to it quickly!